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COVID-19 Pandemic

COVID-19 Pandemic

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Dear Students,

In response to this new unprecedented state of things, Rushmore Business has updated its contingency planning. All face to face delivery has been suspended and all facilities at RBS are closed to the public.

In anticipation of the closure and to ensure continuity of learning and teaching, we already moved all possible delivery of courses to online learning. You already received instructions on Moodle on how to access your learning materials and the discussion forums for each module shortly.

All materials for lectures are onlineĀ on a weekly basis.

To access the materials, your Moodle Acount needs to be functioning. Attendance will be monitored online by your lecturer and course coordinator.

You need to make sure that you settle all your dues in order to access the lectures. The Finance department has already informed you about the procedures for payment of fees.

We are facing a national crisis and we need to have solidarity.

At Rushmore Business School, we aim to do the best for our students and we shall continue to do so with diligence.

Thank you

Kind Regards

The Director